Door #24 – New Math App for Blended Classrooms

As a complement to iReady, Curriculum Associates has launched the new iOS app, Door 24. This Math App provides teachers and parents with a tool to help kids build an understanding of the base ten number system, knowledge of number relationships, and a deeper understanding of mathematical operation and the relations between them. Students gain this computational fluency as they journey through several levels of games and skills.

Something spooky and electrifying is hiding behind Door #24 and only the player can solve the mystery. “Was it a bevy of itsy bitsy brothers? Cranium craving creatures from outer space, voracious viral vampires, or worse?! By working their way through the multiple levels, the player will eventually discover the secret. The bigger question is will they realize they are also addressing Common Core fluency requirements, developing abilities to think quantitatively and strategically and building problem solving skills? Or will they be having too much fun to directly recognize that.

The app is targeted for 4th – 8th graders, but is an excellent support for older students with knowledge gaps as well. This is an effective tool for blended math classrooms. Incorporate the app into centers or stations, use as part of individual or small group practice, or have students practice at home.

Within Door 24, students work through levels with multiple activities earning points according to how well they complete the activities. The activities increase in difficulty, from easy, medium to hard. Also, every level includes a challenge set that requires the player to find as many expressions as possible that are equivalent to 24 given a particular number set. The number 24 was chosen because it has more factors than any other number between 0 and 48, providing flexibility for use with students in a wide range of grades.

As students work through the levels, the given number set for each activity is algorithmically generated so students in order for students to be replay any activity to improve their score and achieve mastery. Each set also includes a Math Review screen to support students.

Curriculum Associates is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner. 

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