It is National Computer Science Week, just in case you haven’t heard! is giving every student in the US the perfect way to celebrate by organizing the Hour of Code, an event meant to give every student a taste of coding and help expose more students to computer programming. The site is packed full of resources and tutorials for students from Pre-K on up.

The real goal of the Hour of Code is to bring computer science courses into every school, making it part of the math and science core curriculum and already seems to be working. We are already hearing about a lot of growth happening for coding in schools. The long time favorite resource, Codecademy just launched of it’s first educational mobile app. Also, Chicago Public Schools announced that they are trailblazing the way by elevating computer science from elective status to the core curriculum for all public high schools and elementaries. CPS plans to be offering computer science to every student from Kindergarten through high school within the next five years.

Getting Smart has been working  to help gather coding resources in hopes of reaching as many participants for the Hour of Code as possible. Here’s our most recent list of posts to help spread the “coding” word:

  1. Teaching Students to Program in One Hour of Code
  2. Smart List: 20 Coding & CS,Assessment & Data Resources
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  4. Coding Is Not Just For Computer Programmers
  5. Kodable: The First Step in Coding
  6. The Transition from Cursive to Coding
  7. The EduPreneurs #04: Zack Galant, CodeHS
  8. Teaching Students to Code with PowerPoint
  9. Infographic: Why US STEM Initiative Shouldn’t Over Look Computer Science
  10. DIY: Hiring Coders & Developers
  11. Interview|Code Together Now
  12. Infographic: Why US STEM Initiative Shouldn’t Over Look Computer Science
  13. Q&A: Classroom Coding Creates Trajectory Toward Career Application
  14. Hacking the Scouts
  15. Integrating Computer Science Into Everyday Subjects
  16. Building STEM Skills by Learning Game Design
  17. Learn What Most Schools Don’t Teach
  18. The Hour of Code- Join the Movement
  19. Worlds of Making @ NMHS
  20. Everything is Coming Up Robots

Teachers, are you looking for the professional development and curriculum it takes to teach computer science? has a great library, connections and sponsered acitvities with more in the works.

2014 is going to be a good year for coding. Share your coding and STEM resources with the Getting Smart team!



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