Activate ED’s Next Rockstar: Andy Rotherham

The next Activate Ed  Education Rockstar is , Andy Rotherham, Co-Founder and Partner at Bellwether Education. He also writes for TIME as well as the blog and is the co-publisher of “Education Insider” a federal policy research tool produced by Whiteboard Advisors. Rotherham has extensive experience working in education policy and is the author or co-author of more than 200 published articles, book chapters, papers, and op-eds about education policy and politics and is the author or editor of four books on educational policy! “Everybody wants to see what is happening in Washington, it’s exciting, it’s seems like it is the big games. But really what is happening in the states matters more…” and  Andy introduces a tool kit of resources to keep everyone current on what is happening in those spaces.

Activate ED provides another extensive toolkit, complete with Andy’s favorite resources, including the great publications Andy publishes and contributes to. “Rotherham believes dramatic improvements in America’s education system are integral to ensuring equality of opportunity and building a more equitable and just society.”

Education’s Rock Stars – Andy Rotherham from Activate ED on Vimeo.

Click to check out Andy’s entire Rockstar Toolkit here.

The Activate ED campaign is a collaboration of The Broad Center, Education Pioneers, and the Strategic Data Project —all have missions to transform education by supplying top leaders, managers, and analysts to the field.

We are always excited for the next in the series Activate ED has created because we definitely enjoyed Tom’s feature, proud of the high quality resource we could help share with other talented people wanting to get involved and work towards making education better for students.

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