Activate Ed’s Next Rockstar: Sajan George

The next Activate Ed Education Rockstar is Sajan George, founder and CEO of Matchbox Learning.

Sajan has spent his entire career in turnarounds, starting with major corporations, then large urban public school districts and most recently bottom 5% public schools as the founder & CEO of Matchbook Learning. Matchbook Learning, a national non-profit school turnaround organization,  is currently operating schools in Detroit and plans to expand across the nation this coming year. Matchbox is a pioneer in this territory-  the first organization of it’s kind to target the bottom 5% schools with a unique, competency based, student centered, blended model of school.
Sajan believes attention really needs to be on “blended learning and blended models, fusing together instruction and technology in powerful ways, not only to personalize learning for each student, but how teachers begin to personalize instruction so that they are engaging students each and every time.”

Activate ED provides another extensive toolkit, complete with Sajan’s favorite resources he uses to inform his thinking and the direction of his organization, including Getting Smart and other great sources our team here also values highly.

Click to check out Butch’s entire Rockstar Toolkit here.

The Activate ED campaign is a collaboration of The Broad Center, Education Pioneers, and the Strategic Data Project —all have missions to transform education by supplying top leaders, managers, and analysts to the field.

We are always excited for the next in the series Activate ED has created because we definitely enjoyed Tom’s feature, proud of the high quality resource we could help share with other talented people wanting to get involved and work towards making education better for students.

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