Activate Ed’s Next Rockstar: Butch Trusty

The next Activate Ed  Education Rockstar is Butch Trusty,  Education Program Director at The Joyce Foundation, based in Chicago, IL.

Before Joyce, Butch was a manager with The Bridgespan Group, an organization that advises mission-driven nonprofits and philanthropists on strategies to accelerate their impact. At Bridgespan, Butch assisted entities such as The Community Foundation in Jacksonville, 100 Black Men of America, Newark Public Schools and The Foundation for Newark’s Future, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Education Equality Project, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, and New York City’s District 79. He has extensive experience and done exciting work around graduation rate policy and the social and economic returns of federal investments in secondary education,

Activate ED provides another extensive toolkit, complete with Butch’s favorite resources he goes to everyday to stay current, including the Edweek blogs and Eduwonk from Andy Rotherham. He also includes an extensive report out of University of Chicago, “Rethinking Teacher evaluation in Chicago: Lessons Learned from Classroom Observations, Principal Teacher observations and District Implementation.” Butch believes getting the right people into teacher rolls and giving them the support to develop is key to changing the face of urban education.

Click to check out Butch’s entire Rockstar Toolkit here.

The Activate ED campaign is a collaboration of The Broad Center, Education Pioneers, and the Strategic Data Project —all have missions to transform education by supplying top leaders, managers, and analysts to the field.

We are always excited for the next in the series Activate ED has created because we definitely enjoyed Tom’s feature, proud of the high quality resource we could help share with other talented people wanting to get involved and work towards making education better for students.

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