Smart List: 30 Ways to Learn Almost Anything

Getting Smart is acknowledging people and organizations making a difference with a series of back to school top 10 lists. During August we are running about 40 ‘best of’ lists–not in order, not exhaustive, just people we appreciate.

Today we are recognizing 30 open resources for K-12, postsecondary, and anytime learning.

Open Education Resources K-12


Postsecondary OER


Anytime Learning

  • Coursera: the world’s best courses for free

  • General Assembly: learn from experts on business, tech & design

  • Udemy: online courses from expert teachers

  • LearnZillion: great instructional resources for teachers

  • edX: non-profit created by Harvard and MIT

  • Udacity: bringing quality courses to the world

  • Canvas: open online courses

  • MentorMob: education search engine

  • Skillshare: project-based classes, anytime, anywhere

  • TED-Ed: create customized lessons around TED videos


We appreciate the open resources leadership of the Hewlett Foundation and Creative Commons.

What did we miss?  What would you add?


Coursera, General Assembly, Udemy, Learn Zillion are Learn Capital portfolio companies where Tom Vander Ark is a partner.

Getting Smart Staff

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