#Edtechchat Discusses Tech for the Flipped Class

Last night #edtechchat joined forces with #flipclass chat and the result was an endless flow of great ideas, thoughts and conversations around the best tools and methods for flipping the classroom. Below is the quick version- just hitting a few of the high points surfacing from the night’s six questions. Be sure to hit the #Edtechchat archives and check out the full transcript for the comprehensive list of all the incredible tweets shared!

Q1: What do you consider to be a flipped classroom? #edtechchat #flipclass

@goldenbergj A1: Class that provides content outside of f2f time, can be own pace OR lec
@EricSims528 A1- A way to get students to be exposed to material outside the classroom and engage/collaborate around it in class#flipclass #edtechchat

@catanhistor A1 Is it student-centered & work at your own pace for mastery OR do the lesson at home & the practice/application at school? #edtechchat

@gpworden A1: I consider a flipped class one in which course materials/discussions are available for anytime learning w/in-class support #edtechchat

@MrsCarterHLA  A1: Going more in-depth on topics in & out of the classroom. Using more F2F time and providing more differentiation#flipclass #edtechchat

Q2: In which environments does the flipped classroom model work best? #edtechchat

@jonbergmann  A2: I have seen #flipclass #edtechchat work from K-Corporations. It works in all subjects at all levels. Looks different though

@guster4lovers A2: #flipclass works anywhere. I’ve flipped in low-income urban diverse public HS & in an elite college prep one. Always works #edtechchat

@iplante  A2 I think it needs to be age and subject considered#edtechchat #flipclass

@beckitharp A2 I like the flip mastery model the best. Many Special ed Ts do this out of necessity. #edtechchat#flipclass

@tomgrissom I live in an area where Internet access is spotty & expensive, have to be creative broadbandillinois.org/Get-it/East-Ce…#flipclass #edtechchat

@SraWitten  A2 – Flipped class works anywhere teachers are willing and students want/need to learn. #flipclass #edtechchat

@SraWitten  Remember that #flipclass is a mindset change-tech not necessary. #edtechchat Become a facilitator of learning, not at teacher

@jonbergmann @Willard1960 My rule of thumb on video length: 1.5 min per grade level #flipclass #edtechchat

Q3: Are you using a flipped classroom model in your school? How?

@SciAggie A3: Yes I’m flipping in my school – finished one complete year. Applying lessons learned this next #flipclass#edtechchat

@MsVictoriaOlson Could see the benefit of flipping staff meetings. That way, even if Ts are away or don’t work that day, they don’t miss info #edtechchat

@SraWitten  A3 I use #flipclass in Spanish class. Ss watch grammar vids and we practice in class. I don’t do mastery but use redo#edtechchat

@MrsCarterHLA  A3: Using flipped model, 2-3 vids a week, discussion/ PBL/ Standards based mastery tests in class. #flipclass#edtechchat

@onboardlearning I try to put videos inside of interactions like polls, assessments, surveys, discuss boards.vimeo.com/63815121 #flipclass #edtechchat

@engtechwriter A3: After sev. weeks on Twitter chats for #flipclass and reading lots by @guster4lovers @jonbergmann, gonna try starting it up! #edtechchat

@rowens1 A3: Flip lessons via stations in my classroom- mostly conventions & writing – a little bit about research.#edtechchat

@AnibalPachecoIT My Flipped Classroom Playlist on YouTube –youtu.be/h1Mc0GtMWWQ 30+ videos about this fascinating topic. #edtechchat #flipclass

Q4: What technology is necessary to start using the flipped classroom model? #edtechchat #flipclass

@onbergmannk For some LMS is too much. It could all be done via google drive or ebackpack. to spread #flipclass we need to make tech easier. #edtechchat

@JohnFritzky A4 I started with SMART Board to make videos, G-Sites, embedded YouTube and G-Forms, the used Flubaroo to assess. #flipclass #edtechchat

@SciAggie A4: I think a personal website is mandatory to house content. I prefer weebly #flipclass #edtechchat I don’t like school websites

@s_bearden A4: We’ve used Jing/Camtasia for screencasting and uploaded to screencast.com. @TechSmith folks are awesome! #edtechchat #flipclass

@ProfDaley  @Getting_Smart A4 I think that while if you can’t use a tablet, software program like @camtasia is a must

@Meteorseeker #edtechchat #flipclass A4- for the IPad, try TouchCast. Just found today, great app so far. Lots of neat features.

Q5: What technology do you wish existed to make the flipped classroom model better? #edtechchat #flipclass

@MedinaTech  A5: Wish all Ss had access to reliable Internet and tech at home to make #flipclass more effective #edtechchat

@EricSims528  A5 I wish that @teded would let me flip my own videos using their platform! #flipclass #edtechchat

@AnibalPachecoIT  Five Best Practices for the Flipped Classroom via @edutopiabit.ly/1dAVxrv #edtechchat #flipclass

@SraWitten  A5 – Cloning machine so I had more time to help Ss, create fun practice, PD, and being a wife and mom #edtechchat#flipclass

Q6: What are your best resources for getting starting or using a flipped classroom? #edtechchat

@lanier_katiesue  A6 a partner to #flipclass with and a PLN for support. Great curriculum to build on and a need to change. #edtechchat

@LS_Karl  @gbrasg I’ve just fallen in love with thinglink. Love me some Google apps too. #edtechchat

@VanessaAJackson  A6 Twitter PLN is the best resource around! #edtechchat#flipclass

@SraWitten A6 – PLN is critical- need a friend in the wildernes. Also need supportive admin and a sense of humor. All else can come later. #edtechchat

@ulialeighpelt  A6- Used existing videos(i.e.@khanacademy) to get started;then created my own videos via @educreations. Exploring camtasia now. #edtechchat

@rowens1  A6: #flipchat, flippedclassroom.org, pinterest, #flipcon– great info, ideas, and support #flipclass #edtechchat


Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson is a Media Specialist at The Madeleine School.

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Nice collection of Tweets! I have thought of flipping my classroom before but I'm still waiting the approval from my administrator. Also, after implementing technology, my classroom is greatly improved. For example, I stumbled upon a tool called ClassroomIQ (https://classroom-iq.com). It’s a very efficient grading tools. It helps me grade homework and exams more quickly and easily. It’s a very handy and convenient tool to have. Anyway, nice site and tweets!

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