The Getting Smart team was excited to participate in the second week of #EdTechChat tonight. That chat was impressive and filled with education leaders from across the country. The chat generated over 1,800 tweets from over 400 participants in one hour and put several edu hashtags on Twitter’s trending list. Check out the wiki page for archives of the chat and info on the fabulous hosts of the chat. EdTech Trends
Here are the questions from tonight’s chat with a few of the answers:

  1. Who holds responsibility for technology integration? Staff in Building? District level?

    • @mguhlin: The “pool of shared meaning” has to be filled weekly by both IT and EdTech team members.
    • @L_Hilt: Tech should just be a tool to support learning, not the end goal.
    • @MrStaubSTEM: Teachers NEED to invest the time to integrate too. School leaders cannot possibly plan all that you need.
    • @SuptLisa: #edtechchat Leaders must set the expectation. Integration is not an option. It is part of model practice for 21st century learning.
  2. Is there a gap between the IT staff and integrators? If so, how do we fix it?
    • @Thomascmurray: IT staff must spend time in classroom to get to know what our kids need.
    • @swpax: Bridge the gap to join the traditional IT island to mainland of curriculum and pedagogy. That bridge supports integration
    • @mguhlin: T and Edtech must meet in the same room, solve problems together, just like EdTech must with Curriculum
  3. What responsibility do administrators hold in tech integration?
    • @catlett1: i think admin play a crucial role in tech integration!! it has to start from there & be modeled by them!
    • @RamsburgWelker: Admin should create culture of sharing & learning. so much potential to learn frm each other. tech int. will come naturally!
    • @s_bearden: Administrators must model technology usage in their daily activities, faculty meetings, etc.
    • @MichaelForder: more than just support, admin need to trust their Ts. Believe that they are integrating tech to better student learning #edtechchat
    • @kam1018: encourage , enlighten, empower!
  4. What responsibility do teachers hold in tech integration?
    • @s_bearden: Teachers need to step outside their comfort zones, not be afraid to try new tools and ideas in the classroom.
    • @Ryanhorne0076: Less is more. Focus on teaching one tech tool at a time to your school. Support and review. Support and review.
    • @MsDiczokVajtayAs a teacher, I’d rather have an hour to explore something than a PD presentation
  5.  How can students assist in tech integration?
    • @hartmari: Let the students choose the tech they want to show you what they know on the content you are teaching. They will surprise you.
    • @nathan_stevens: Let students drive the classroom and select the right tool for the activity #edtechchat
    • @cvanderark: It all should start with students. Ask what they need and how they use. Always ask for feedback. Allow for trial and error.
  6. Are there examples of great tech integration we should all be aware of?
    • @Getting_Smart: Great examples highlighted in our #blendedlearning implementation guide ow.ly/ky7p1 #edtechchat #DigLN
    • @MichaelForder: Q6: check out any #Edcamp for great examples of tech integration @edcamprva #edtechchat
    • There was not shortage of great tech examples in the chat!

Favorite tweet of the night award goes to @ThomasCMurray:

“I can’t use this technology. I’ve never had PD offered on it.” Said no student ever. #edtechchat

If you need to brush up on hashtags for students and teachers check out this list. Tune in Mondays at 5pmPT/8pmET on Twitter using #EdTechChat to join this great group!

Caroline Vander Ark

Caroline is President of Getting Smart.

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Tom Murray

Thanks so much for highlighting our new chat! Our #edtechchat team is passionate about helping staff, and most importantly students, learn through solid technology infusion. We appreciate your insight and sharing in the chat. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
- Tom Murray


Thanks so much for publishing this! It's great to see responses from a variety of teachers, students, and education technology industry leaders. Great conversation starting questions and insightful answers from everyone.
Most interesting realization: We're all asking for the students to tell us what technology they need, but sometimes the technology isn't available or has to be approved by admin first. We're basically asking students to choose their favorite candy, waving it in front of their face and then telling them they can't have it.

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