Pathbrite, the next generation education portfolio platform company, launched a version targeting educators and announced a marketing partnership with Pearson eCollege to integrate with its LearningStudio, a personalized learning environment serving more than nine million students each year.

Pathbrite Portfolios for Educators is aimed at changing the way students learn and are evaluated, while enabling professors and teachers to create effective experiential learning environments for students.

Heather Hiles, Pathbrite CEO, said “Professors will be able to assign course-releated portfolios that contain exemplars and assessments, and allow them to track learning outcomes.”

Portfolios for Educators includes customizable class-based portfolio templates and a process of student self-reflection and evaluation.  Learners will have unlimited storage of artifacts and lifetime access to evidence of learning outcomes, credentials and accomplishments.

Pathbrite’s agreement to integrate its education portfolio platform with Pearson LearningStudio, enables Pearson to offer a complete, fully integrated solution providing new ways of learning, demonstrating knowledge, evaluating learning outcomes, and improving career placement rates for students.

Hiles said, “Many colleges are in search of a better e-portfolio. Pathbrite is the portable and designed around the learner.”

“Demand for effective, affordable education portfolio solutions that fully leverage contemporary technologies is growing,” said Dan Bartell, Vice President Sales, Integrated Solutions, Pearson Learning Solutions. Portfolios represent “new methods to demonstrate knowledge and evaluate learning outcomes, and positively impact career placement rates for students,” said Bartell.

On Thursday in Las Vegas Hiles will be speaking about “The High Tech Backpack” at the HigherEdTECH Summit. To learn more about how portfolios fit into learner profiles, see DLN SmartSeries paper Data Backpacks: Portable Records & Learner Profiles.


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