Desmos Unveils Tables of Data for Greater Math Understanding

Desmos unveils a sweeping new set of changes to its online graphing calculator to meet the requests and needs of its thousands of users over the last year. Today, Desmos introduces Tables of Data, which will improve students’ abilities to organize data at the heart of statistic.
Desmos released the following today:
2013. The first year since 1987 that’s been composed of entirely distinct digits. The year after the year of the end of the world. And the 1-year anniversary of the Desmos Graphing Calculator. To celebrate, we’re releasing our most sweeping set of changes yet. 
I want to focus this post on one feature in particular: Tables of Data. Over the last year, thousands of you have requested Tables of Data, and we understand why. Tables are a student’s first way of organizing the logic of a function — number goes in, number comes out. They are the heart of statistics. They are one of the three legs of the representation tripod mandated by Common Core, along with symbolic (equations) and graphical (um… graphs). 
Because Tables of Data are such a critical component of mathematical understanding, we wanted to make sure we got them right. We wanted them to be as intuitive and as powerful as the rest of our system. And we wanted to retain the general simplicity that drives our every decision, all while adding our most complex feature yet. You’ll have to let us know how we did. 
What we’re releasing today is the culmination of months of work, testing, false starts, and breakthroughs. This launch represents over 30,000 new lines of code across over 250 files. It has changes that go all the way back to May. It’s our biggest update yet. But all we want you to take away from it is a new way to explore math, hopefully in a cleaner, faster, more intuitive interface than ever before.
If you have questions, check out our new “tables” section on our support site, send us a tweet @desmos, or email [email protected]
Thank you to everyone who helped us test at different stages, tracked down bugs, and made this release possible*. This is only the beginning.
Here’s to 2013!
Eli & Team Desmos

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