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Tom and Karen Pick “How Children Succeed: Attachment, Advisory & Adversity”

Tom says, “It’s been a rich week of discussions about How Children Succeed on NPR, at EdNation, and in person with experts like Dr. Pamela Cantor, Turnaround for Children. We spend most of our time on academic smarts, but it’s clear that ‘non-cognative’ skills are at least as important and areas ripe for innovation.” Karen says, “This was so interesting because of the theories around where the deepest impact is made in child rearing and education. Adversity is especially curious to me when looking at students, and the Y generation; what makes them tick?  I guess I wonder why some have the adversity, self control and self confidence and the need to contribute to the greater good and some have been reared to have “what’s in it for me?” and tend to go the minimum.”

Caroline and Sarah Pick “Math Software Unleashes the Power of Touch Devices to Improve Student Learning

Caroline says, “Adding to an already engaging program, ST Math Touch allows students to play to popular visual math game featuring JiJi the Penguin on tablets. Using touch technology will bring even more interactivity to math education for students.” Sarah says, “ST Math Touch brings a great math learning program to even more senses. Known for being an intuitive, visual learning program, it now involves touch, which will strengthen the impact it has on students’ math proficiency.”

Carri Picks “What to Expect When You’re Expecting…iPads

Carri says, “I thought this was a very clever way to talk about device implementation – walking readers through the pre-conception joys and excitement to the realities of labor and delivery.”

Allison’s Picks “DIY: Sweat Equity Brand Building

Allison says, “Social media sites have done so much for small business – it’s great that it’s moving to the education arena.” MIND Research Institute is a Getting Smart Advocacy Partner.

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