Steve Hargadon Takes Education Hacking On the Road

Steve Hargadon, the creator of Classroom 2.0, Future of Education and Web 2.0 Labs, is taking “Your Learning Plan,” “Hack Your Education,” and “Beyond Testing” workshops to cities around the United States to generate local conversation on education.
Your Learning Plan is a two-hour workshop designed to help students and parents develop personal learning plans in order to meet educational goals.
Hack Your Education helps students, teachers, parents, and administrators use Web 2.0 and social media for personal, educational, and professional growth through personal learning networks, profiles, learning environments, and more.
Beyond Testing is a free, two-hour event upon request that identifies skills needed to develop for a thriving community based on education policy, goals, and more.
Hargadon plans to travel to the following cities:

  • Redwood City, Calif.
  • Portland, Ore.
  • Seattle, Wash.
  • Sacramento, Calif.
  • New York City, New York
  • Boston, Mass.
  • Philadelphia, Penn.
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Los Angeles, Calif., and
  • Phoenix, Ariz.
Check the schedule to find out when Hargardon will be visiting a city near you. For more information, visit

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