Tom Picks Political Leadership

Tom says, “It was a week of interesting contrasts in education leadership. I learned more about the leadership behind the successful Portuguese laptop initiative and school district leaders in California advocating for better student access to college courses, but was disappointed to see Virginia (home of iNACOL) planning a big step backwards by restricting learning options.

Karen Picks TFA in Washington

Karen says, “Love the impact Teach For America (TFA) has had on the teaching profession. It has ramped up the conversation of the passion that is so important to the education world and is bringing a renewed respectability to teaching. I lament those who don’t promote good, passionate teaching regardless of the length of the training. It’s working, and proud to have it in WA. Glad that UW Education Dean Tom Stritikus, a TFA alum is here to help promote the program.”

Sarah Picks SXSWedu

Sarah says, “SXSWedu in Austin, Texas this week brought many innovative ideas to the forefront of discussion. It was great to connect with idea leaders focused in education and learning.”


  1. It’s funny that Karen is ready to announce that Teach for America is working in Washington State when there are only 11 corps members working in the whole state and there is absolutely no data to indicate their performance.

    What the heck are you writing about Karen?


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