Portrait of a Leader Gallery

In the journey to reimagine education, leadership roles extend beyond traditional boundaries and definitions. Educational leaders encompass not only administrators but can also include other stakeholders —each playing a unique and vital role in the transformative process. These leaders are not only stewards of innovation but also catalysts of change and champions of student success. They bear the collective responsibility of aligning the system with the vision of a Portrait of a Graduate, while also ensuring that the Portrait of a System becomes a reality.

Hillsborough School Leadership Framework

With a vision of “Preparing future leaders, learners and thinkers for a global community,” Westminster Public Schools has identified core driving principles that shape their decision making, alignment and the end result.

Unique Callout: Relationship Building

Spring Independent School District

Spring Independent School District rallies around three core tenants: being outcome-driven, service-oriented and relationship-centered. These tenants are critical for their leadership team, as well as their students and faculty.

Unique Callout: Celebrates Success

School District of Philadelphia Leadership Pathways

The School District of Philadelphia has identified six leadership pathways and five distinct leadership roles with guidance on how to achieve each. A great model for principals, teacher leaders, district leaders and more.

Unique Callout: Shared Accountability

Council of State School Officers Leadership Competencies

These buckets of a leadership portrait place the learner at the center of the picture, serving as a continuous reminder to orient around what is important.

Unique Callout: Culture

KIPP Leadership Competencies

KIPP’s Leadership Competencies visualize not only focus areas but also surround supports and callout three core areas for leaders: driving results, building relationships and managing people.

Unique Callout: Stakeholder Management

NEA Leadership Competencies

At the center of the NEA Leadership Competencies is Social and Emotional Intelligence, a critical part of a well-functioning leadership team. This portrait also highlights more typical competencies like organization, fiscal health, etc.

Unique Callout: Social and Emotional Leadership

Goose Creek Portrait of a Leader

The Goose Creek Portrait of a Leader has a series of competencies that help leaders thrive. Key among those may be capacity building, strategy and integrity.

Unique Callout: Develops A Shared Vision

Competencies and Continua for Leaders

The Competencies Continua from Building 21 helps leaders map their progression and demonstrate competency with a set of “I can…” statements including “I can create a school community where all stakeholders feel valued.”

Unique Callout: Create a Just Learning Environment