Rick Hess Says Edupreneurs Need to Be Thought Leaders

Rick Hess, the edpolicy maven at Education Week, published an article this week that looked at the roles of edupreneurs in the education marketplace. He argues that unlike entrepreneurs in other markets, edupreneurs need to be outspoken in order to inform, persuade and motivate the public space in which education operates.
Hess makes five primary cases for edupreneurs positioning as thought leaders through writing, speaking, and informing the public conversation, which include:

  1. Credibility – Sharing expert opinions generates credibility among the decision-makers like policymakers and advocates.
  2. Challenges & Solutions – Because opinions and thoughts are public, states invite thought leaders into discussions around challenges and solutions in policies, plans and more.
  3. Media Spokesperson – Speaking out publicly draws media attention, which can generate increased awareness, focus and interest in the real educational issues.
  4. Funder Attraction – Public attention and awareness can help tap into new funder opportunities and give way to increased innovation in the education market.
  5. Market Expansion – Lastly, thought leadership can open doors to new markets, brining new solutions, funding, policy reforms and more to untapped markets.
Read the full article “Why Ed Entrepreneurs Need to Be Thought Leaders” on Education Week.

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