Utah Proves to be Innovative National Leader

Due to legislative advances that have reduced barriers to access, students in Utah are able to harness the power of technology. Policies and bills passed have now given every student within the state the opportunity to include digital learning in their educational experience. The legislature in Utah has introduced strong student-centric bills that are innovative and powerful and a great example for other states.
Utah has shown a strong commitment to Digital Learning Now’s 10 Elements of High Quality Digital Learning. By allowing students to have choice down to the course level, families are able to make the best decision for every student’s academic success. Innovative funding strategies allow funding to follow the student and provide more flexibility and options. Paying for success and mastery of a subject, not just when a student enrolls has also increased the level of quality programs available.
The arrival of statewide open-source, digital textbooks this fall will again prove that education officials in Utah are dedicated to providing students with high quality online content. Money savings from textbooks can be used to purchase Internet devices for every student.
Other states are following the way based on Utah’s leadership. Several policies and bills similar to Utah’s are now being introduced around the country. The commitment to ensuring high quality access for all students is truly commendable.
For more on Utah see Education Gadfly’s “Utah should go big.”

Caroline Vander Ark

Caroline is President of Getting Smart.

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jim miller

Utah has certainly pioneered the digital K12 revolution in the country. Not just that Utah has also been at the forefront of adoption of OERs in mainstream K12 education, teaming up CK12 (http://www.ck12.org/flexbook/) to develop open textbooks in the key curriculum areas of science and mathematics. The open textbook project with CK12 has added to Utah’s reputation as the most cost-efficient school system in the country, reducing the cost of typical high school science textbook from $80 to $5 per book. Way to Go Utah!

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