Erik Erikson

Freud was once asked what he thought a normal person should be able to do well.   The questioner probably expected a complicated, “deep” answer.  But Freud simply said, “Lieben und arbeiten” (to love and to work).  It pays to ponder on this simple formula; it grows deeper as you think about it.  -Erik Erikson


Getting smart is a global priority for individuals, communities and countries.  As Fareed Zakaria argued today, building knowledge and skill and college completion rates should be at the top of the national political agenda.

Getting Smart is also a family business.  I have the good fortune to pursue a mission that I’m passionate about with people I care about.

Caroline is our daughter and our Director of Operations.  Yesterday she married Ryan Davis in a beautiful ceremony.  Tomorrow we go back to work.  We’ve created a rewarding way to integrate Freud’s basic building blocks of ‘love and work.’



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