NewSchools Launches Ed Tech Market Map

Photo Courtesy of NewSchools

NewSchools Venture Fund announced Wednesday, the release of an interactive representation of the geographic K-12 education-technology market to help investors, donors, and entrepreneurs better evaluate the landscape of edtech ventures.
The map, which was created in collaboration with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation of Houston, captures a snapshot of the edtech landscape and organizes ventures into core areas.
“The transformation that the rest of society has experienced as a result of technology has left schools largely untouched,” said NewSchools CEO Ted Mitchell. “Investors understand that technology will play an increasingly important role in improving student achievement, and they want to make smart investments in tools that will help the most children succeed.”
“Technology is the next frontier for education reform, and the possibility of customizing education for the way each child learns best is just one example of the transformational power of technology in schools,” said Meredith Simonton of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. “Yet the rush of interest and activity in blended learning has led to a confusing landscape and a duplication of efforts and mirroring of organizations, so this mapping effort is an important step toward organizing and accelerating education innovation.”
View the Ed Tech Market Map. For more, visit to

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