YouTube Launches New Channel for Teachers

Educational resources in various free or open multimedia formats have erupted quickly across the web in the last two to five years, bringing knowledge to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Entrepreneurs and organizations like SchoolTube, Khan Academy,, and iTunesU have leveraged online tools to pave the way for educational videos in the classroom.

Furthering the trend, YouTube announced today the launch of its new channel for teachers that allows educators across the globe to access lesson plans, educational content, training videos and more to better integrate YouTube as a powerful educational tool in the classroom.
On the YouTube blog, middle school history teacher James Sanders discussed his first-hand experience working on the new YouTube Teacher Channel and the YouTube Teacher’s Studio. Sanders said, “This site was written by teachers for teachers, and we want to continue that spirit of community-involvement.”
The channel’s content and resources were developed by a team of teachers who participated in the workshop YouTube Teacher’s Studio this summer, which provided training around the world on how to incorporate YouTube videos into the classroom.
According the to the new channel, YouTube videos can increase student engagement, access to quality content and the ability to tap into the needs of every learner. The site provides interesting ways to supplement lessons with videos from YouTube along with a “Getting Started” guide to help teachers unfamiliar with the network dive in.
The Teacher Channel will supplement its recent launch of YouTube EDU, intended for a broader focus of educational material used by teachers, students, parents and more.
While YouTube and other online videos are great educational tools for students and teachers, many schools still ban access on campus. With the launch of its new channel, YouTube said today that it’s working to make its YouTube Teacher Channel and YouTube EDU more integrated within schools so that teachers can easily stream content in the classroom.
For more, view MindShift’s article “YouTube Launches Site Specifically for Teachers” by . Visit the new Teacher Channel at

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