The Parthenon Group Publishes a Market Analysis of the “Next Generation Learning”

Parthenon announced today its release of “Next Generation Learning – Defining the Opportunity and Next Generation Learning – Scaling the Opportunity,” an analysis in collaboration with Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Opportunity Equation and Stupski Foundation of the future learning landscape.
Next Generation Learning (NGL) looks at the ways that we can provide personalized learning and instruction to all students based on need, skill and interest with the help of technology. This movement, led by a new generation of educators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and policy makers, re-envisions a more student-centered experience.
“Our team at Parthenon has a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges facing Next Generation Learning given our broad network and experience across both the demand and supply side of the K12 and Higher Education systems. We believe that if done well, Next Generation Learning will fundamentally transform the K-12 learning experience and shift many deeply embedded notions about when, where and how learning ought to take place,” said Tamara Butler Battaglino, partner and head of the Education Center of Excellence for The Parthenon Group, a global strategic advisory firm.
Parthenon articulates that in order for the “disruptive innovation” of NGL to grow and succeed, it requires the support of stakeholders, greater marketplace refinement and the removal of current barriers.
“Parthenon is pleased to inform the NGL debate, and we look forward to deep engagement across the NGL movement,” said Seth Reynolds, a partner within Parthenon’s Education Center of Excellence. “With concerted effort by educators, entrepreneurs, funders and policy makers, we will reach our goal of fulfilling each child’s individual learning ability while maximizing the potential of innovative models in education.”
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