NewSchools Presents: Eli Kennedy, Kirsten Tobey & Kristin Richmond

NewSchools, a venture fund working to transform education by supporting entrepreneurs, released two more videos today from its Education Entrepreneurs series with opinions, stories and viewpoints from edupreneurs! Today’s videos feature Eli Kennedy, Kristen Tobey and Kristin Richmond.

Eli Kennedy

Eli Kennedy leads the Pacific Charter School Development, an organization that builds schools for high-performing charter operators to help schools expand and serve more kids. Kennedy found his inspiration for education through his mother. She was a teacher who taught in the depressed area of East Oakland, Calif. Her dedication to education instilled a value in Kennedy that has driven his efforts to develop charter schools in low-income areas. View Kennedy’s story below:

Kristen Tobey and Kristin Richmond

Kristen Tobey and Kristin Richmond lead Revolution Foods, an organization that creates access to healthy, fresh foods and nutrition education in low-income areas. Tobey and Richmond believe that a healthy diet at school can improve students’ performance and ability to learn in the classroom. View their story below:

Stay tuned in to the NewSchools Venture Fund YouTube Channel over the next month to see the videos and ideas from eduprenuers unfold. To learn more about the NewSchools Entrepreneurs, go to

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