Webinar: Harnessing the 10 Elements of Digital Learning for Your School District

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Harnessing the 10 Elements of High-Quality Digital Learning for Your School District
Wednesday, March 30, 1 p.m. EDT
Webinar Details:
What are the 10 Elements of High-Quality Digital Learning that should be top of mind for everyone involved in education, from lawmakers to administrators to teachers and parents? How can your district or school harness these elements to develop an affordable, high-quality digital learning environment that engages students, parents and teachers? What have your peers learned from their own experiences with digital learning – and how can you use their insights to drive your success?
Join Tom Vander Ark, architect of Digital Learning Now’s 10 Elements of Digital Learning; Mickey Revenaugh, executive vice-president of Connections Learning; and Dr. William R. Hite, Jr., superintendent of Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland, as they share their vision for the future of education and provide you with a practical guide for developing the best digital learning experience for your district and school.
*   Tom Vander Ark is a partner in Vander Ark/Ratcliff, an education public affairs firm, and a partner in a private equity fund focused on innovative learning tools and formats. He was the first business executive to serve as a public school superintendent and was the first executive director for education at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Mr. Vander Ark is chairman of the Board of Directors for iNACOL, the International Association for K-12 Online Learning. You can see his daily blog at www.EdReformer.com.
*   Mickey Revenaugh is one of the co-founders of Connections Academy, a nationally recognized leader in online learning. Prior to that, she helped launch the E-rate program, designed to wire every school and library in America to the Internet. Ms. Revenaugh spent almost a dozen years at Scholastic Inc., serving as editor-in-chief of Instructor, Electronic Learning, Teaching and Computers, Middle Years, and America’s Agenda magazines. She continues to publish and speak extensively on education and technology issues. She is vice chair of the Board of Directors of iNACOL and the private sector chair of the Education Task Force of the American Legislative Exchange Council.
*   Dr. William R. Hite, Jr. is Superintendent of Prince George’s County Public School (PGCPS). Among his many leadership responsibilities, Dr. Hite has led major efforts resulting in increased student achievement, significant improvements in teaching and learning, and school improvement status. This included work on the Intensive Support and Intervention Schools (ISIS) that provided significant support to schools most in need based on student and school performance indicators, as well as work in partnership with the Institute for Learning at the University of Pittsburgh, which focused on improving the capacity of teachers and administrators to strengthen the teaching and learning process. Most recently, he oversaw a major reorganization of the district’s regions into zones to reduce cost and provide greater support to schools. He developed systems that measure central leadership effectiveness against student and school performance. Prince George’s County Public Schools has been recognized nationally during Dr. William Hite’s tenure.
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