THE Journal Features Edmodo: Free, Safe Social Networking

THE Journal released their January edition focusing on safety with digital education. It is true there are predators and hackers but there is a solution that parents, districts and students can use without concern–Edmodo.
Facebook, although a great social media tool, was not created with safety or privacy in mind and  is not a viable answer for many school districts. The Journal explains how Edmodo is a safe and secure option:

Facebook is showing no signs that a separate, secure social networking environment for students and teachers could be in its future. Fortunately, one already exists. It’s called Edmodo, and it was created by technologists Nicolas Borg and Jeff O’Hara. While working in IT support for separate Chicago-area schools, both would get regular requests from administrators to turn off social networking tools. So the two teamed up to, as the website puts it, “address the demands of teachers and students seeking a secure social network for classroom use.”

While there are some concerns of young children interacting in social networks, Edmodo has created a safe community to learn the appropriate way to participate. Robert Miller perfectly coined the use of the Edmodo as “social networking with training wheels.”
In addition to being the safest online network for schools, Edmodo introduced their “subject” and “publisher” sections to build an exchange of digital content for its users, created a microblogging social network, and introduced iPhone and Android applications.  There are 17,000 schools with more than a million students using Edmodo–it is the breakthrough social learning platform.  Edmodo recently added parents to the mix–a family friendly feature that will further promote safety, security and academic success.
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