5 Predictions for Online Data in 2011

Josh Jones-Dilworth outlines five data-driven trends that will shape our coming year:

1. “Data scientist” Is the New Community Manager: In 2011, data science job openings will see a rise in number similar to the gaggle of community management and social media marketing gigs that materialized out of the ether nearly three years ago.

2. Data Management Will Become a Real Industry: Facebook is becoming an example of allowing data that is accessible and transportable and managed by its rightful owner–you.

3. The Floodgates Are Opening: Data is making its way back to the open; no longer “Why would I make my data available?” but rather ” How do I make my data avaliable?” and “What do I need to know to do it right?”.

4. Big Data Will Become a Regulated Industry: In 2011, the government will step in and start regulating the acquisition, use and distribution of data by Internet companies, starting with the low-hanging fruit, but quickly moving on to less obvious candidates.

5. You’ll Be Sick of Hearing About Data (If You’re Not Already): Expect to see more data meetups,  and data conferences, more data-driven jobs and data-driven publishing decisions.

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