Blended Learning Questions Tech People Should Ask

By Howard Chan
I like to point out the work of Howard Chan from time to time. Howard is an IT guy in education, so he deals with the culture and logistics of e-learning, information systems and the overall online learning infrastructure in his school. He blogs with edReformer occasionally, but this weekend he posted some thoughtful questions on his own blog, Socratech Seminars. They are worth reposting here:
* What type of technology infrastructure will it take?
* How much does a customized learning management system cost annually?
* What academic technologies are being used?
* How effective are these adaptive data-informed learning management systems?
* What kind of technical staffing is required? What does the lab staff look like?
* How do we build trust and rigor in these new learning labs without teachers?
* What components of web 2.0, collaboration and project-based learning is involved in the learning labs?
* How do teachers connect the learning labs with the regular classroom?
* What kind of access do parents and greater community have with the learning lab and LMS?
* What does professional development look like with hybrid schools?
* How is digital citizenship taught and how do we maintain academic rigor in online environments?
For more information about how a group of pretty smart individuals are trying to advance deeper thinking about digital learning, you should read how Governors Jeb Bush and Bob Wise launched the Digital Learning Council last month. They are one of the first signs of life in an aggressive movement to create better principles and strategies for education reform in a schools world that is increasingly moving towards blended, online, and asynchronous operations.

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