Please read Friedman today on Root Canal politics, the Greek Debt Crisis and the British elections.

I’m afraid he’s right–the Tooth Fairy is dead, and we’re heading for a public services root canal. He agues that we’ll need to reduce entitlements and figure out how to provide public services better and cheaper.

To be the Regeneration, they’ll have to figure out how to raise some taxes to increase revenues, while cutting other taxes to stimulate growth; they’ll have to cut some services to save money, while investing in new infrastructure to grow economic capacity. We have got to use every dollar wisely now. Because we’ve eaten through our reserves, because the lords of discipline, the Electronic Herd of bond traders, are back with a vengeance — and because that Tooth Fairy, she be dead.

While we’re struggling to adopt real college/career ready standards, education funding in the US will be ugly for the next few years. We need to dramatically increase the number of college ready graduates and do it for less money. Fortunately, we’re investing in ways to do just that.

Learning online has the potential to make education more personal, more flexible, and more affordable. By combining the best of emerging online learning with onsite tutoring, support, guidance, application, and extracurricular activities, we can create schools that work better for students and cost less to operate.

City Prep, an organization I formed in 2008, is a blended learning service provider. We help nonprofits and school districts create innovative new schools and convert struggling schools to more efficient and effective blended models.

Send me a note if you want better schools for less, tom [at] CityPrepAcademies [dot] com


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