Videos: The First TEDxNYED in March

Back in March, a group of education reform enthusiasts, some tech junkies and people searching for fame in the social media put together the first TedxNYED, which was exclusively about education and social media and the ways the two are interacting to change the way we think about teaching, learning management and technology.
I wasn’t around, so I didn’t go, but here are a couple of videos from the event.

Michael Wesch, dubbed The Explainer at WIRED Magazine and is a cultural anthropology professor at Kansas State University.
He also won a Web 2.0… The Machine Is Us/ing Us, which you can watch below:

I don’t think anything viral on the web so far helps make a broader and a better case for how learning strategies need to change in schools. Students from around the world already feel and see and realize things in this way. We need to be encouraging students and teachers to work together to break new ground and find new knowledge harnessing this power.
And then there’s the former MIT professor Henry Jenkins, explaining the role of participatory media in our culture:

Have a good time with these. I’ll be back later.

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