Interview: Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab, Agilix

Calling it “the digital content subscription sharing service,” Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab, SVP for prod development and marketing at Agilix described the new feature the copmany is working on to make digital content sharing easier.
“We are creating a giant curriculum library of third party content that you can drag and drop onto your course. We are expanding that considerably to include content partners and also allow sharing between individuals,” says Dr. Luetzelschwab. It reminded me of the way some blog platforms run, assisting in the streaming of content, and the modularity of pieces of content. The impetus for the product is the current state of curriculum tuning and sharing in the nation’s schools. Right now, Teacher A has a need to seek input from Teacher B down the hall. They show lesson plans, they talk about what works and what doesn’t work, and then over time they implement.
“We can do that all virtually,” says Dr Leutzelschwab. The potential for spreading this to the entire nation’s teachers is pretty intense. Being able to rip data real time and add to content, or use new content to shape curriculum, is something that would take away those moments in the classroom when things just don’t seem to work. “You can eventually scale this to all the people teaching physics.”
The service will work on every Learning Management System out there, from Moodle, to Blackboard, to Agilix’s own Brain Honey.

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