A few travel questions from this week’s excursions:

  • why is the print on hotel shampoo bottles so small? (ever put lotion on your head?)
  • why do middle seaters think they get the armrest?
  • why are NYC taxis the only ones that take credit cards?
  • how did we navigate before Google Maps?
  • why would anyone traveling from Newark Penn to New York Penn board a southbound Amtrak express?

The answer to the last one is ‘talking on a conference call while running to catch a train’ (perhaps the next thing to be outlawed).  I ended up in Philly; $100 and 3 hours later I was back in NYC.

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Tom Vander Ark is author of Better Together, Smart Parents, Smart Cities and Getting Smart. He is co-founder of Getting Smart and Learn Capital and serves on the boards of 4.0 Schools, eduInnovation, Digital Learning Institute, Imagination Foundation and Education Board Partners. Follow Tom on Twitter, @tvanderark.


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