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Re-Up on Your Goals, Get SMART(er²)

While it is convenient with the start of a new calendar year, there is never a wrong time to set goals. Just be sure to respect the process and allot the appropriate amount of time to do it right. Here are some useful strategies that we like.

Canadian in Paris: The Life and Work of an International Educator

In this episode of the podcast, Tom sits down with Daniel to learn more about his life as an international educator, the American School of Paris, Daniel's goals and challenges and what he thinks all American educators should know about international education.

Training Today’s Learners To Be The Hired Guns Of Tomorrow

Our students will need to continually learn about and apply current developments in technology, global collaboration, market opportunities and emerging industries to win in this new economy. How do we give students both the mindset and the skillset to not only survive, but to thrive?

Artificial Intelligence: Implications for the Future of Education

AI can increase the time available for interactive lessons, allow students to lead, free up more time to focus on relationships in the classroom and truly provide students with a world full of opportunities, personalized to their needs and instantly available.

Design Thinking and Its Impact on Education Innovation

Have you heard of design thinking? Are you using it in the classroom? Emily and Adam from the Getting Smart team dive into the topic to share what it is, how it can improve practice and how educators can rethink how they facilitate learning.

How Schools Around the World are Tackling Social Justice – Part 2

In this post, we hear from teachers at three global schools to learn more how they are integrating social justice into their classrooms.

Integrated Learning Propels Pittsburgh Students

Post 5 of our #RemakeLearning series explores how a group of schools with shared ideals, practices and tools are changing life trajectories for youth and inspiring a culture of possibility.

Edu-lutions (Happy New Year)

What is your #EduResolution? How can you help create the future of learning? This New Years we encourage you to recommit or redefine your goals and we've created a handy tool to help!

How Michigan CoOp Connects Leaders to Improve Education

By: Marsha Myles Bahra. The Michigan CoOp is a network of school districts that are early adopters of successful, efficient, and effective learning models. Members leverage each other’s strengths to create new opportunities for student learning.

How Schools Around the World are Tackling Social Justice – Part 1

Are there social justice issues going on within your community, and how do you address them within the context of your school? In our new #SmartPlanet series, we're seeking and sharing the voices of schools and educators striving for equity and social justice.