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Middle and High Schools to Visit: 2018 Additions

School visits are the best way to stretch our conception of powerful learning--to learn from the best innovations in learning around the country and around the world. This year, we’re excited to add 16 schools to our running list of Middle and High Schools Worth Visiting. 

Active Learning and Student Leadership in Tulsa Schools

A virtual tour explores how Jenks East Intermediate school in Tulsa has created a strong school culture while supporting over 1,000 students in exploring design challenges and building leadership skills.

Building Transferable Skills: Design Tech High at Oracle Campus

Join us for a virtual field trip to Design Tech High school. We'll tour the school's new campus and learn how is combining personalized learning, design thinking, and maker activities to reach their goal of helping students forge identities as caring citizens and young professionals.

Expanding Access to Powerful Learning in Tulsa

How Dr. Deborah Gist is leading an agenda to create powerful learning experiences for students in Tulsa, OK. despite some of the lowest funding in the country.

Measuring What Matters

We recently traveled to Boise to visit the team and students at One Stone and got a chance to sit down with the National Advisory team to unpack the ‘why,’ ‘how,’ and ‘what’ of measuring social and emotional learning and the importance of student outlets for articulating agency over growth.

Attacking Complexity with Confidence

By: Jonathan Rochelle, Katherine Prince and Tom Vander Ark. One thing we know for sure—tomorrow will be more complex than today. We’ve entered a new era that’s driven by artificial intelligence and education must adapt. Our students deserve a new set of learning priorities (not just more added to a crowded set of learning objectives).

HQPBL Case Study: School21

Through high quality Project Based Learning, students are developing robust and deep subject knowledge that is both cross-curricular in nature and can easily be applied to real-world problems and challenges.

Deeper Learning For All: The Equity Agenda in Louisville

Tom sits down with Dr. Carmen Coleman and Dr. John Marshall of Jefferson County Public Schools to learn how the two have worked together shape powerful, equitable, high-quality learning experiences for the over 100,000 students in Louisville, Kentucky.

Learning Leadership Skills Outdoors: Place-Based Ed in the Puget Sound

By: Roberta McFarland. Students in the Waskowitz Environmental Leadership & Service program participate in place-based learning experiences that help them develop leadership skills as well as choose their next steps for college and career.

Evidence That Makes it Evident: Improving Assessment by Emulating the Trades

By: Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski. The expanded vision of the graduate has widened the gap between the competencies educators want for all graduates, and the evidence of competence educators are actually collecting. Here's one way we can begin to change that.