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Equity & Access

Collaborating with Community as Partners in Fulfilling the Promise of your Graduate Profile

Community engagement and collaboration is essential in both planning and implementing Graduate Profiles in order to fulfill the promise articulated in your profile. ACE Leadership HS partners with the community in a variety of ways; this blog focuses on a specific strategy to collaborate on curriculum design and project planning that can be adapted in many settings.

Future of Learning

The Surging World of Work

World of Work is a career initiative that started in the Cajon Valley Union School District, San Diego CA. There are now districts across the United States who are using this model to prepare students in K-12 for their future directions.

Equity & Access

School Systems Lack Capacity to Support Data Driven Decision Making, National Survey Finds

Data can be a powerful tool for education improvement, but school systems need help to ensure that educators and administrators have access to timely, accurate, and actionable data, as well as the analytical skills needed to leverage it in meaningful ways. The Project Unicorn coalition is working to ensure that the promise of education data is not a myth, but an everyday reality.