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elementary students smiling and doing personalized learning art project

Getting Personalized Learning Right the First Time

By: Karla Esparza-Phillips and Ace Parsi. Facing the daunting challenge of preparing all students for success, educators are caught in a persistent churn of reform and innovation. But have these innovations really moved the needle for students with disabilities?
students listening

Listening is a 21st-Century Skill

Many students are poor listeners simply because no one has shown them how. But listening has been identified as one of the top skills employers seek, so here are some resources to help embed teaching this 21st-Century skill throughout curriculum.
building relationships

7 Ways to Build Strong Relationships with Students

By: Dr. Margy Jones-Carey. At my school, we believed that each of us had to try and make a connection with students and, at some point, someone's try would be the one that worked. Here are seven positive acts we'd repeat until a connection was made.

Starting Over With Personalized Learning

By: Karla Esparza-Phillips and Ace Parsi. The rapidly growing interest in personalized learning leads us to believe that we may be finally reaching a tipping point. How can EdLeaders build a personalized learning system that meets the needs of all students?
Readiness College Career

Building the Bridge of College and Career Readiness from PreK-12

By: Dave Ross. These action steps can help school leaders expand the focus of college and career readiness, providing students across the educational spectrum with project-based, hands-on learning opportunities to build 21st-century skills.
Diverse students laying next to each other in a library reading digital content off of tablets

Building Culturally Responsive Classrooms with Digital Content

As I travel across the country working with school leaders in districts big and small, I have found that the question of how to meet the needs of increasingly diverse groups of learners is leading to many sleepless nights. Here are some strategies to help.

How Financially Savvy Are Your School Administrators?

By: Jess Gartner. With the right support structures and financial data analysis tools in place, administrators can gradually learn to budget effectively and ensure that every resource is driving student achievement.