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We are currently looking to hire a Strategy Manager for our team. Someone with project management and strategy skills, as well as years in education or a related business.

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Shared Commitments


We focus on ensuring equity and inclusion as it relates to learning design, learning science, educational leadership and the day-to-day work that we do with districts, teachers and learning organizations. That way, when we say we’re producing valuable work and making an impact for all learners, we mean it.

Collectively, we:

  • Celebrate Growth and Vulnerability

  • Do Quality Work in a Mindful Way

  • Give Grace and Show Compassion

  • Learn Out Loud

  • Encourage Voice and Create Space

  • Work To Serve Our Communities: Local & Global

  • Spread Good News

  • Maintain Transparency in Our Learnings, Beliefs and Partnerships

Equity Statement

Getting Smart is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. The best ideas happen when diverse thinking is encouraged, welcomed and embraced.

We acknowledge the long history of systemic racism in our country and education system. We also acknowledge the work that still needs to be done to create truly equitable communities where every individual has the same opportunity to succeed in and contribute to the world. Our team strives to support organizations in creating student-centered learning environments that are equitable for all regardless of zip code, race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and learning differences. 

We persist in our work to support school systems and learning organizations that elevate and amplify traditionally marginalized voices and identities. 

Getting Smart is committed to holding anti-racism, inclusion and equity at the center of all of the work we do. We will honor our commitment by hiring and retaining a diverse staff, partnering with organizations also committed to racial equity, embedding equity in all strands of work, providing relevant programming where all participants feel welcome and engaging diverse authors and voices for our blog and community. 

We pledge to keep learning, listening, and taking action. We put learning above all else and we know true understanding is something that takes work, iteration and continued confrontation with what’s comfortable, what’s easy and what is relatable.

Our Team

Our team of lifelong learners brings a diverse set of expertise that enables us to be agile and effective. We are a team of past school administrators, educators, business executives, nonprofit leaders and marketing strategists. We approach problems with varied and valuable expertise in order to help education leaders identify, plan and implement the best next step.

We’re insatiably curious and grow in community, so we tour innovative schools, track innovations in learning and love meeting fellow passionate education disruptors. Inspiring conversations, relationships and experiences fuel the work we do.

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Our Process

We are practitioners of design thinking. We start with listening and lead with empathy to identify the core challenge. Together, with your team, we develop a series of services and solutions, specially tailored to your organization and are not a one-size-fits-all firm. In collaboration with our vast network of resources and partners, we design customized, informed, strategic solutions that last.

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