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How Big Data Can Inform the Future of Re-Skilling

A conundrum often cited in the current debate on the future of work is the contention that ‘not every displaced coal miner will be able to become a software engineer.” Essentially, this rhetorically charged argument asks: how do you get someone from point A to point B?

Learning from Leadership at Detroit Prep Academy

Emily recently traveled to Detroit Prep Academy and wanted to share the school's story with our podcast listeners. Join her and Head of School Jen McMillan to hear more about the current education climate in Detroit, what’s working well at Detroit Prep, and key lessons learned in leading a school.

Whittle School & Studios: Transforming Education for Global Good

To develop the Whittle School, a world-class staff, informed by a global academic advisory board and leading-edge partners, developed a school model that incorporates 10 important innovations that set the new standard for quality education. Learn more here.

Leading A Student-Centered Agenda: 10 Lessons from Mark Benigni

Meriden Public Schools is located in a small Connecticut urban center, and is recognized as a leader in blended and online learning with an impressive vision of Student-Centered Learning. In this week's episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Tom speaks with Dr. Mark Benigni about his key advice for district leaders.

The Science of Deliberate Practice: What it Means for Education

There is growing evidence that individuals can achieve high levels of performance through extended training. In this week's episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Tom chats with Gene Kerns about his new book, which analyzes the implications of this evidence for K-12 education.

Kansans CAN: Redefining Graduate Profiles at the State Level

Kansas's graduate profile has been redefined to emphasize not only academic and cognitive preparation, but also technical skills, employability and civic engagement. To bring their vision to reality, they created the Kansans Can School Redesign Project. Learn more here

What Is Formative Assessment? Voices from the Field

We interviewed half a dozen thought leaders and participants involved in the How I Know pilot to find out what exactly is formative assessment and what they hope to accomplish as part of the initiative. Download and press play!