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Carri Schneider is a Getting Smart Associate. Find Carri on Twitter, @CarriSchneider., @CarriSchneider

Personalized PBL and Virtual Reality Bring History To Life

I recently had the opportunity to visit Winton Woods City School District, a New Tech Network school outside of Cincinnati, and witnessed their personalized, project-based learning model firsthand through a student virtual reality project.

Getting Smart Podcast | Experiencing Place-Based Education at Teton Science Schools

I had the opportunity to spend two days in the beautiful Teton Mountain range experiencing my own place-based learning at Teton Science Schools. Join me on this "audio field trip" for your own place-based experience.

4 Steps To Make Your Field Trip Matter

As a parent chaperone and keen observer of the teachers and hosts during my daughter's recent kindergarten class field trip, I picked up these four tips to help make these trips really matter for students.

Smart Review | The Wild Robot and Talking to Kids about AI

Carri reviews the new book The Wild Robot and discusses its connections to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the implications for today’s young learners.

PhotoBlog | Teton Science Schools & The Power of Place-Based Learning

I recently had the opportunity to visit Teton Science Schools, our partner in Getting Smart’s “Power of Place” campaign. Here are some initial thoughts from the many things I learned, as well as photos of that beautiful part of our country.

Parenting, Learning and The Power of Place

My husband and I recently decided to put the “4 I’s” of Smart Parents into practice during this year's family vacation. Here’s what we learned about parenting and the power of place while exploring and adventuring with our daughters.

Genius Loci: Place-Based Education & Why It Matters

Place-Based Education (PBE) is a learning approach that utilizes geography to create authentic, meaningful and engaging personalized learning for students. We have set out on a journey to learn more about what it is, why it works and who is doing it.