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Adam Kulaas
Adam is a Director at Getting Smart. He focuses on capacity building and is known for his work in coaching, learning design and leadership development. You can connect with Adam on Twitter at @AdamKulaas.

Re-Up on Your Goals, Get SMART(er²)

While it is convenient with the start of a new calendar year, there is never a wrong time to set goals. Just be sure to respect the process and allot the appropriate amount of time to do it right. Here are some useful strategies that we like.

How Did You Fail Advisory?

When my oldest son failed advisory, it resurfaced and fueled questions and reflections about advisory that continue to be daily drivers in a quest to transform learner experiences. Here are the answers I've come up with so far.

Sketchnoting 101: Students Making the Invisible, Visible

Sketchnoting is an exciting add-on to the practices within your classroom, and is very aligned with a design thinking mindset. It provides students with a creative outlet for discovery and a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate vulnerability in learning new things.

Unlearn to Learn: 6 Non-Negotiables of High Quality Professional Learning

As instructional leaders craft professional development in any format, it is important to assess the flow and structure of what you are creating. Like all endeavors, practice fuels improvement.

Design Thinking and Its Impact on Education Innovation

Have you heard of design thinking? Are you using it in the classroom? Emily and Adam from the Getting Smart team dive into the topic to share what it is, how it can improve practice and how educators can rethink how they facilitate learning.

Navigating School Leadership: 5 Lessons

Here, we look at five lessons learned, specific to the navigation of school leadership. Meet the new year, your staff and your community where they are at with the intention of traveling with them, to where you would like to take them.

Using Design Thinking to Disrupt for Good

One Stone is an innovative high school in the heart of Boise with a mission of “making students better leaders and the world a better place.” Learn more about how they incorporate innovation and disruption into their curriculum here.