Getting Smart on Out of Class Student Support Services

Authored by Getting Smart, in partnership with Fidelis Education

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A key challenge before schools in the next two decades is as follows: how can we take luck out of the HigherEd equation and ensure systematically that every student find THEIR purpose, develop THEIR path and develop THEIR support network of people to support them to succeed in school and in life thereafter?

Getting Smart and Fidelis Education partnered to share more about what it takes to support students outside of class and to take the luck out of this equation. In the five blogs series, ideas are shared about the importance of supporting learners in identifying their purpose, path and people. Fidelis shares why these 3 Ps are essential and help support positive learner-relationships at the HigherEd level.

Ideas for building, maintaining and operationalizing a learner relationship management strategy in HigherEd are highlighted through personal experiences and real-world examples.

Featured in the bundle are tools and resources to help anyone interested in implementing a learner-relationship strategy. Example tools and resources included are 15 common HigherEd students personas, a Net Outcomes Score Survey and a 4-step checklist for reorganizing schools.

Download Getting Smart on Out of Class Student Support Services


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