Getting Smart on Assessing and Measuring Social and Emotional Learning

Authored by Jonathan E. Martin in partnership with Getting Smart

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A great new consensus is emerging in K-12 education today: social and emotional learning (SEL) is essential not just for its own sake, but for its wide range of outcomes in academic and life success.

However, there are still those who are hesitant to implement SEL in schools, saying there aren’t effective, evidence-based methods for measuring these skills, and that an assessment would mean “just another test” for students anyway.

Our latest Smart Bundle explores how there is a genuinely profound opportunity to measure these important skills and strengths using multiple, innovative methods, as well as our a responsibility to implement effective measurements and assessments of these profoundly important social and emotional skills and character strengths in our students.

Today’s schools must place a greater priority on developing student noncognitive skills and character strengths. The demand is clear and the time is now: let’s seek and support more robust measurement and assessment systems to empower educators to advance social and emotional learning for all students.

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