Supporting English Learners in K-12 Classrooms

This podcast series on language learning features voices of EdLeaders, educators and students. The intent of the series is to highlight the ideas of language experts and great examples of language teaching and learning across the country. Getting Smart believes online language learning can be used to enhance or complement face-to-face instruction. This podcast series is sponsored by Rosetta Stone Education. See the bottom of this blog for more.

“We have to do better”, reflects Dr. Bernadette Musetti. “This group of students has the potential to succeed just the same as other students and I am optimistic with the right scaffolds, supports and understanding of their needs that we can make real change.”

The list of benefits of bilingualism continues to grow, ranging from cognitive to social advantages. But what about English Learners? How can we continue to support the fastest growing portion of our student population (projected to be near 40% ELs by 2050)?

In this podcast, Dr. Bernadette Musetti shares:

  • Benefits of bilingualism
  • Programs or innovations in education that really move emerging bilingual students forward
  • Common myths or misconceptions about (teaching) emerging bilinguals and English learners
  • Strategies teachers can use to leverage the assets that emerging bilingual students and their families bring to the classroom and to their schools
  • Her hopes for education of English Learners and promoting bilingual education in the schools and society

Dr. Bernadette Musetti works with educators, both in-service and pre-service, to unpack and address this question. Musetti is an Associate Professor of Liberal Studies, which includes Elementary Teacher Preparation, at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. She is dedicated to advancing educator understanding of diverse learners and has devoted most of her career to learning about and creating more equity and access in education for students whose primary language is other than English.

This podcast series is sponsored by Rosetta Stone Education. Interviewees were not compensated for their participation. The Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K12 provides flexible e-learning solutions that are easily integrated with the teacher’s in-class instruction. Their solutions are designed for all proficiency levels to fit your students‘ learning needs. For more, visit Rosetta or see the Get Language Ready site.

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Emily Liebtag, Ed.D., is Education Reimagined's Senior Partner for Systems Transformation. Formerly, Emily served as the Vice President of Advocacy at Getting Smart.

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