Greg Toppo and Jim Tracy on Running with Robots

Key Points

  • Humans will need content literacy, but the algorithms will occupy the domain of knowledge fluency. 

  • We should be teaching young people to be both optimistic and skeptical of technology.

Running with Robots Podcast
Running with Robots by Greg Toppo and Jim Tracy

On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Tom Vander Ark is joined by Greg Toppo and Jim Tracy, co-authors of the new book, Running with Robots: The American High School’s Third Century.

Greg Toppo is a journalist who has covered education for more than twenty years. He is also the author of The Game Believes in You: How Digital Play Can Make Our Kids Smarter.

This is Jim’s second time on the podcast. Jim is a Stanford trained historian, and  a Senior Advisor at JFF who has been head of several independent schools. 

Let’s listen in as they discuss education in the year 2040, AI and much more. 

We wanted to show people that there was a viable and optimistic path forward if we made the right decisions as a society.

Jim Tracy


One person who influenced this research

Two insights for educators and edleaders

  • We must focus on creating and problem solving
  • We have to start thinking about what we should subtract from the school day. Content memorization, calculation.

One additional insight from Jim and Greg

  • We must decentralize humanities and put a renewed emphasis on values
  • We have to continue asking ourselves are there things that don’t make sense anymore? Starting with why.

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