EduCatered: Rachael Fenner

Key Points

  • Being a good listener is one of the most important things an educator can do.

  • Knowing the history and culture of your place is essential to finding belonging and community.

We are thrilled to bring you a new podcast from Getting Smart called EduCatered: A Podcast That’s Catered to Educators. Subscribe here!

At Getting Smart, food, education, and innovation are at the heart of our recipe. This podcast mixes it all together to get to know teachers that are doing the work and making a difference. 

We start with the appetizer: what makes these educators unique. Then to the main course, stories and experiences that have helped to shape their practice. Finally, dessert, some tips for what you can do next — creating a future of learning that works for everyone.

On this episode of EduCatered we’re joined by Rachael Fenner, a Reading Specialist and Teacher at Carr Lane, a Visual and Performing Arts Middle school in St. Louis. Rachael is fond of walking her dog Mocha, reading young adult fiction and you know our favorite… cooking.

Shawnee and Rachael talk about a range of topics – from the difficulties of middle school, to the importance of knowing the context of where you live. Let’s dig in!

Book Recommendations:

On Diversity

My mom’s a white American and my dad is a black American, so sometimes I feel like I embody diversity a little bit, or embody the tensions […] working towards racial conciliation is really important to me.

Rachael Fenner

On Education

I appreciate that education takes a proactive stance. [It] gets on the front end of issues and tries to provide kids with skills and resources they need to get ahead.

Rachael Fenner

On Leadership

It’s important to listen and really hear what people are telling you. Try to view leadership as being a servant. Try to empower them.

Rachael Fenner

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