EduCatered: Elizabeth Herbert

Key Points

  • It’s so important to pay attention to students as a whole person.

  • We must learn to, and help our students learn to, see success without leaving where you’re from.

EduCatered: St. Louis Public Schools

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On this episode of EduCatered we’re joined by Elizabeth Herbert, the Social Studies Department Chair at Gateway STEM high school in St. Louis Public Schools. Elizabeth spent some time teaching in Costa Rica and Nicagaragua and you’ll likely find her obsessing over her cats, binge-watching or reading a great thriller. 

Shawnee and Elizabeth talk about a range of topics – from food stories and geography to the importance of attention and community organizing. Let’s dig in!

On Food

“I would choose pear preserves for my recipe. It’s a regional food that speaks to my version of being a second degree southerner.”

On Diversity

“[Diversity] is important for me to be uncomfortable with, I think, as a white person […] it questions our notions of normativity.”

On Teaching

“I work for these kids, none of the things that I do should be made easier at their expense.”


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