EduCatered: Ann Kaufman

Key Points

  • You have to let your students get to know you as a person. Take time and listen to your students. 

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On this episode of EduCatered, Shawnee is joined by Ann Kaufman, Personalized Learning Advisor at ASU Preparatory Academy, or as we call it, ASU Prep. Ann previously spent time as a counselor and also at the Arizona School for the Arts. We recently observed a class she was teaching at the new ASU Mix facility. 

I think this is what I’m called to do […] build community, taking time to really get to know students and letting them get to know me […] allowing them to get to know me as a person, getting to know Ann instead of just some teacher.

Ann Kaufman


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Ms. Kaufman is one of my most fun, enthusiastic, positive, and favorite teachers I have ever had. She makes the school not "boring", and this is the first time I have EVER been so excited to go to school! I wish I was there more than 2 days a week, to be honest. SHE'S GREAT!!

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