(BONUS) EduCatered: Dr. Charli Kemp

Key Points

  • If kids are joyful and having fun, they’re creating memories.

  • Kids can have agency within their families.


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Hey, we’re still in between seasons over here on EduCatered – but we were missing you, so we decided to put out a bonus episode with Dr. Charli Kemp, a transformative leader, thinker and doer in the education space. Dr. Kemp is a former middle school teacher turned Harvard PhD and CEO of Change the Tune.

When not rocking Change the Tune, Dr. Charli Kemp is probably listening to one of her over 900(!!!) playlists on Spotify.

We need to go where the kids are, where the communities are if we want to make an impact.

Dr. Charli Kemp


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