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Tom Vander Ark is author of Better Together, Smart Parents, Smart Cities and Getting Smart. He is co-founder of Getting Smart and Learn Capital and serves on the boards of 4.0 Schools, eduInnovation, Digital Learning Institute, Imagination Foundation and Charter Board Partners. Follow Tom on Twitter, @tvanderark.

It’s Time to Separate Facilities From Operations

The way we build, manage and maintain public school buildings is inefficient and exacerbates some of the biggest challenges in education. It's time for us to rethink the relationship between learning programs and public facilities. Tom proposes a change to how facilities are provided for public education programming.

Guidance Gap: The Biggest Challenge We Face and How to Close It

The dynamic employment market and expanding array of high school and postsecondary learning options make advisory services mission critical. A look at the growing guidance gap and why it's crucial we work to close it.

All Youth Deserve Performing Arts Experiences–They Promote Agency, Empathy, and Project Management

Performing arts offer opportunities for students to learn lifelong skills that go beyond performance. Theatre is a solution rich, deeper learning experience that provides opportunities for problem-solving, empathy building and project management. Read more on why these experiences matter for youth.

Smart Review | The Promise and Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Education

The authors of this book outline future applications of classroom artificial intelligence including collaborative learning, discussion monitoring, teaching and research assistants, as well as a guide to personalized learning.

Arizona State Accelerates Progress with Adaptive Active Courses

Thanks to an initiative to bring adaptive active blended learning to classrooms, ASU is meeting students where they are and making class time high-value engagement.
People around blackboard with math equations on it

Bad Bargain: Why We Still Ask Kids to Factor Polynomials and How We Fix...

Algebra has become an inequitable barrier to college and career. It’s time to stop making learners factor polynomials. It’s time to start using computers for what they’re good at--crunch big data sets. Stop asking young people to manipulate systems and start asking them to solve real problems.

Blending Engineering, Entrepreneurial Mindset, and an Appreciation for the Variety of the Human Condition

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning is an opportunity to show up at the formation of a new era and ensure equity and empowerment for all. Here’s a look at how Dr. Amon Millner and his team at Olin College are doing just that.