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The Smart Student blogging contest invites students from all over the world to write about and share the visionary lessons, projects and experiences that are shaping their 21st century education. This month's Smart Student contest is powered by MIND Research Institute. On Twitter, follow @Getting_Smart and #SmartStudent to join the conversation.

The Adventures of Deeper Learning

That week, I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but New Tech had prepared me for that. New Tech High School has greatly influenced me. Going on this internship I realized how much I have learned: meaningful skills I used throughout my internship that had been so driven into my brain, I didn’t even realize they were there.

A Hackathon For Students By Students, in Portland

During the event, mentors will help students brainstorm ideas, design their projects, pick technologies to use, provide guidance about collaborating in teams, and help track down bugs. Anyone in 9th through 12th grade can participate in this free event, regardless of prior coding experience. It is on Saturday, April 26th at 9am to 9pm at Jesuit High School.

It’s a Geometric World!

To date, we have 25 blog entries detailing the progress of our PBL project through student voice and pictures. The following links to a blog about Day 16 of our project. http://ksmithschool.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/geometric16/

Ten Tips for Success in an Online Class: Student-to-Student

By: Grant Ryerse. Online learning provides a highly valuable learning option, which is becoming, and will likely remain, a regular experience for the students of the future

Tech, Tools and Robotics

I have so much fun learning new things at school each and every single day. However, sometimes the best parts of school happens after the last bell has rung.

I Show What I Know

At my Montessori school you get to choose your own works, choose your spots to work and you don’t have to stay in a desk. You get to do the works by yourself and sometimes you get to do partner works. You get to move freely around.


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