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Smart Teachers

25 Reasons to Give Thanks for Teachers

As we approach the holiday season, now is a great opportunity to give thanks for the many things teachers do every day to enrich the lives of students. Here are 25 reasons we're thankful for all that teachers do.


Education Evolving is Making Strides

Education Evolving recently released a set of principles of student-centered learning, a statement on education equity and a new paper titled Clearing Policy Barriers to Student-Centered Learning. Learn more here.

Project-Based Learning

Smart Review | The Reading Mind

Reading "The Reading Mind" took me beyond simply marveling at reading to deeply understanding it in a way that I can apply across the board in my work with young people and educators.

SEL & Mindset

Research Illuminates the Path Forward for SEL

Given the abundance of attention being paid to Social, Emotional and Academic Development (SEAD) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in general, it’s only appropriate that the path forward be guided by research.

Schools Worth Visiting

XQ Super School Live Roundup

We believe it's important to be making a powerful case for new and innovative issues in education. Here's our take on the recent XQ Super School Live event.