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Personalized Learning

Four Steps to Transforming a School

Four higher level practices that have the potential of transforming a school including data-informed instruction, student-centered pedagogy and approaches, continual improvement and innovation process, and caring adults.


Embedded Formative Assessment: Tests without Stress

With formative assessment, the purpose is to use the generated data in making instructional decisions either on a group or an individual basis. Teachers can support students with formative embedded assessment already - with or without technology.


Elements of High Agency School Environments

A successful school-based learning environment includes a culture of continual improvement that fosters agency and intrinsically motivated professional development among teachers, while supporting innovation and experimentation.


Game Based Learning: Serious Educational Play

Real game based learning has learning as a side effect of achieving the game’s main objective and gaining skill at the actual game mechanic. In this blog we talk gaming with a number of academic experts and practitioners of game based learning.


How Mobile Learning Supports Student Growth and Ownership

By: Marie Bjerede. Young people now see their phone as an extension of themselves. If they see it as an extension of their learning, not just looking up information, entertainment, interacting socially, or doing work, then that deepens their sense of identity as a learner.

Personalized Learning

What it’s like to be a Maker Mom

As the parent of a young maker I am constantly thrown into the position of working with my daughter on things I have no idea how to do -- and that's what being a Maker Mom is all about. If you’re looking for ways to support your child in transforming from student to maker, here are five ideas for your toolbox.


It’s Time for Accountability Reform

With new accountability, teachers have the space to teach the student, not just the content. And when a student is known and understood and empathized with, teaching for student ownership increases test scores as a side effect.


How Can a Communication App Support Student Equity?

By: Marie Bjerede. By using secure, clean channels of communication that work with all their families, educators can demystify school, build trust, and work with parents as partners for their kids. Eliminating fear and avoidance of school on the part of disenfranchised parents is a powerful way to enhance student success.