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..But What Are They Learning? 3 Tips for Deeper Learning

As we look at the start of fall, it is a great time to refocus our energies. When we worry that students aren't learning, we come up with reactive solutions, but how can we get in front of these issues? How can we move from planning activities, to planning learning?

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Is America ‘Post-Education’?

Education today doesn’t look anything like it used to. We can argue if that’s good or bad, but all that matters is that we are able to use education to serve the purposes it has been established for, changing though they may be. I propose that we are a nation attempting to rewrite the subscript of the very purpose of our educational system.

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20 Can’t Miss Edu Conferences

A recap of 20 great education conferences that are worth attending throughout the course of the year. From the big 12 digital learning to major regional conferences and a couple more for good measure. Check out this list and start planning your conference season!

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5 + 1 Summer Reads to Challenge and Inspire

Lazy mornings, afternoons by the pool, and no agenda. Summer must be here! Of course, we all know this describes maybe 5 days of your summer break with the rest of your time attending trainings, conferences, figuring out what to do with your seemingly permanently-bored children, and a litany of…

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Why Teachers Deserve Their Own Holiday

Don’t be nostalgic about a lesson from five years ago, the world has changed since then. You’ve changed since then. How can you honor the past while moving bravely into the future?

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Innovation Series: We’re All Biased

If we’re honest, we can admit our bias to the status quo. We love our modern conveniences and can’t live without the innovations that we have, but we don’t believe we need anything any more innovation.


The Long Stretch Until Summer

Your day-to-day is anything but ordinary. Each day you have the opportunity to reach students in a way that nobody else can. You will spend more time with them in a given day than some of their parents. Your "boring" life involves shaping the future.