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Greg Garner is a Digital Innovation Coach for the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation in Raleigh, NC. While much of his work is focused on leadership and capacity building, Greg cares deeply about kids' education and is relentless in doing everything he can to improve their learning opportunities. He is passionate about pedagogy, innovation, and technology. Connect with him on Twitter: @classroom_tech.

No Adult Left Behind: 3 Tips for Rethinking Teacher Roles

It’s important to acknowledge the ways that staff are being leveraged. You might need some patience and persistence. Here are three tips for rethinking roles and getting the best use out of your staff.

Undoing EduSpeak and Why Words Matter

A joint effort between boots-on-the-ground educators that are utilizing and implementing learning pedagogies with their students, in coordination with researchers and policy-makers is required to unpack and undo EduSpeak.

Mozilla and the Quest for Universal Web Literacy

Since schools and organizations will utilize the software created by companies like Mozilla, it’s increasingly important that there be open dialogue keeping the free exchange of ideas flowing. It is here that we get to the crux of whole-scale change: universal web literacy

Edmodo: A Platform Redefining Learning

Edmodo is quietly, consistently positioning itself not just as the glue to hold your technology-enhanced learning initiatives together, but the rocket fuel that it will need to redefine what learning looks like now and in the future.

WriteReader: Flipping the Script on Literacy

WriteReader provides young learners an informal learning environment where they are free to experiment with the written language based on their knowledge of the spoken language. Students gain confidence and exposure to the world around them and the ways they are processing it.

What To Do When Your Favorite Tech Tool Calls it Quits

Sometimes it’s the result of a buy-out, or sometimes the company just can’t monetize their product. Either way here are some tips to consider when your favorite tech tool shuts down its service.

Bridging the Gap from Living Room to Classroom: FreshGrade

What if the communication line between parent and educator was truly open? Enter FreshGrade, a Learning Collaboration System that helps educators document student learning and progress through photo, video, work samples, and more.


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