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Competency-Based Education

ImBlaze: Igniting Powerful Real-World Learning Experiences

There is a growing national momentum behind having students learn in contexts and at times outside of the traditional school day. This new tool from Big Picture Learning provides a valuable approach for managing these types of experiences.

Ed Policy

Reflections on NAEP: Breaking the Reactionary Cycle

In the wake of large-scale test score releases (especially those showing mediocre or negative results), political will for innovative educational programs often subsides. A system perspective shift toward whole-child development could stem this trend.

Ed Policy

Education Systems Should Be Based on How Students Develop 

A flowering of research from neuroscience, psychology, early childhood, and a variety of other disciplines on the science of learning and development has begun to shed light on what is necessary for students to reach their full potential. How can our systems catch up to these findings?


Personalized Learning Meets AI With Watson Classroom

In recent years, a plethora of vendors have developed software solutions that promise to simplify the personalization process and give schools and teachers the answers to understand and address the individual needs of each student. Watson Classroom is a promising new entry to the field.


8 Examples of the Future of EdTech, Fresh from FETC

The enthusiasm and passion of the presenters, vendors, and most importantly, the educators at FETC 2018 made the future of education technology look very bright. In this post, we look at eight vendors that encapsulate the future of EdTech.